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The final form of the translated text is subject to a multi-stage quality control procedure. Revision is always done by a second person who is independent from the translator, and whose task is to check the text according to a set of criteria defined by EDIMART.

Types of revision include:

1, Specialist revision

We offer our specialist revision service for complicated special content where, in addition to a thorough command of the specific technical terminology, a comprehensive knowledge of the relevant field(s) is also required. We trust experienced specialists in the field with the revision of such special content.

2, Review

Reviewing content is necessary when the target language is not the translator’s native tongue, but the content is in some way prestigious, making it crucial that the translation “feels” like it was made by a native speaker.

3, Specialist revision and review

Depending on the intended use of the translation, both specialist revision and review might be required. For the translation of a website with special technical content for example, the specialist reviser helps the translator with the correct technical terms while the reviewer “polishes” the translation.

4, Comprehensive revision

Comparing and checking the source text with the target text following the translation workflow. The aim of this revision is to correct content-related and grammatical errors and to check adherence to the style guide.

5, Target language review

Review of the target text following the translation workflow. Review is usually performed by native reviewers, their task is to correct the linguistic errors and to make the text perfect.


Every piece of translation is subject to thorough quality assurance before they are delivered to our clients. Revised translations are also subject to internal revision.

The Quality Assurance module of the translation software filters out objective mistakes like inconsistent use of the term base, incorrect number formats, omissions and spelling errors. The internal revision checks the translations against the style guide and formal requirements; conformity of the source and target language contents, is also checked randomly.

In addition to the revision of our translations, we also revise and proofread translations by other providers. Contact us to request a quote!


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