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We translate texts in 100+ language pairs, using state-of-the-art language technology tools, working with highly qualified translators and in a professional office environment. We specialize in managing multilingual projects, translating from Hungarian and English into 40+ languages, simultaneously if needed.
Professional language mediation at conferences, negotiations and business meetings in 50+ language pairs. We provide simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreting services, and as of the end of 2015 we have launched Hungary’s first video remote interpreting service.
So much more than just translating. Its objective is to bridge language and cultural gaps. The majority of people prefer to shop and gather information in their mother tongue. Properly localised content will yield a bigger crop of active users, more positive feedback and a larger pool of online customers. Let us help you communicate with your partners!
Language consultancy
We will help your company smoothly enter the global market. Thorough language preparation is one of the keys to success. You can save time and money by consulting our experts before starting a language project.
The final form of the translated text is subject to a multi-stage quality control procedure. Revision is always done by a second person who is independent from the translator, and whose task is to check the text according to a set of criteria defined by EDIMART.
Machine translation, post-editing
Machine translation has become a real alternative to human translation for certain text types. Our machine translation and post-editing services can deliver professional results and significant cost savings.
Project Management
We offer comprehensive project management services for complex projects, even with our employees seconded to you.
Voice-over, Subtitling
Complete localisation of e-learning materials, webinars, operating instruction videos, audio guides, from translation to voice-over, subtitling.
Video Remote Interpreting
Our video remote interpreting service offers quick, simple and cost-effective means of communication in situations that require professional interpreting.


address: 1061 Budapest, Király utca 14. 3.emelet 1.
mobile: +36 20 975 9092


Carmen Krafcsik
Financial and Manager Assistant
tel.: +36 20 513 2627


Orsolya Klinga
Head of Sales
tel.: +36 70 423 2868

Klaudia Hatala
Client Success Manager
tel.: +36 70 385 6678

Gabriella Furik
Client Success Manager
tel.: +36 70 342 7279


Noémi Barnaki-Párducz
Vendor Manager
tel.: +36 70 311 5953


tel.: +36 20 975 9092

tel.: +36 20 975 9092