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We translate texts in 100+ language pairs, using state-of-the-art language technology tools, working with highly qualified translators and in a professional office environment.

We specialize in managing multilingual projects, translating from Hungarian and English into 40+ languages, simultaneously if needed.

Most of our translation projects fall in the following subject areas:

  • legal and financial texts
  • technical documentation
  • user manuals and guides
  • websites and online content
  • software platforms and mobile applications
  • patient brochures, healthcare publications
  • marketing material
  • training and e-learning material
  • multimedia content

We use the MemoQ translation software for every translation project, as it allows the active storage of translated content – active in the sense that such stored translations can be later reused.

The benefits of using MemoQ software include:

  • discounted price proportional to the rate of repetitions
  • guaranteed consistent use of terminology
  • easier and more efficient quality control
  • shorter deadlines

Related services

We also offer a wide range of services in connection with translation projects, to allow your company to take the international presence of your company to the next level:

Localization / Revision / Language consultancy / Translation memory and term base building / Alignment / Style guide / Language testing / Machine translation and post-editing / DTP / “i18n” internationalisation / Transcription / Transcreation / Voice over


address: 1061 Budapest, Király utca 14. 3.emelet 1.
mobile: +36 20 975 9092


Carmen Krafcsik
Financial and Manager Assistant
tel.: +36 20 513 2627


Orsolya Klinga
Head of Sales
tel.: +36 70 423 2868

Klaudia Hatala
Client Success Manager
tel.: +36 70 385 6678

Gabriella Furik
Client Success Manager
tel.: +36 70 342 7279


Noémi Barnaki-Párducz
Vendor Manager
tel.: +36 70 311 5953


tel.: +36 20 975 9092

tel.: +36 20 975 9092