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5 Key Takeaways from the 2023 tcworld Conference
The tcworld conference 2023 highlighted the transformative impact of AI on language services, emphasizing the growth of Large Language Models, the craft of prompt engineering, the need for human oversight, the adaptive use of traditional tools, and the power of industry networking.
A Summer to Remember: Edimart’s memoQfest 2023 Recap
Recap: memoQfest 2023 was a whirlwind of innovation and diversity, offering something for everyone.
Information security at EDIMART
We are pleased to announce that Edimart has recently achieved the ISO 27001 certification for information security. Learn more about the importance of this certificate and read more details in our blog post.
We are open
We think that it is increasingly important to make our openness visible to others; therefore, we decided to join the non-profit organization called We Are Open.
Edimart is among the 5 largest translation agencies in Hungary
According to Budapest Business Journal's annual survey, EDIMART ranks among the top 5 companies in the industry based on its net revenue in 2020.
We at EDIMART have never made it a secret that we appreciate agility, development, and following and adapting to, the changes in our sector.
COVID-19 Announcement
Dear Partners, We would like to inform you that despite the global pandemic of COVID-19, EDIMART continues to do business as usual. We are very fortunate as our jobs allow us to work remotely from our homes. Starting from Monday 16 March 2020, all EDIMART employees will operate from home office. Our professional translators have […]
EDIMART reports: We are prepared for the unimaginable
We can adapt to changes, we look for solutions, we find value in every situation we find ourselves in, and we care deeply about personal relationships.
Office dogs at EDIMART
You frequently read about the beneficial presence of dogs, that these furry co-workers considerably reduce stress and bring happiness and release to the office.
Why are we going to the Meet Central Europe conference?
Why are we going to the Meet Central Europe 2018 conference? Why are we attending industry events at all? Planning for the short-term, the best solution is to lock yourselves up in your comfortable and well-equipped office. It’s easy to make yourselves and your environment believe that you are the best and most professional at […]
Video localization: subtitling or voice-over?
Are you trying to increase your company’s recognition? Are you looking to open up new perspectives for your business in the online world?   Do you already have video content on your website? Have you ever considered setting up an international YouTube channel for your company? What about a brand video, perhaps in multiple languages? […]
How many languages does a translation agency speak?
They say that if you’re planning to write a blog, you should start by writing an introduction.


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Vendor Manager
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tel.: +36 20 975 9092

tel.: +36 20 975 9092