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Dear Partners,

We would like to inform you that despite the global pandemic of COVID-19, EDIMART continues to do business as usual.

We are very fortunate as our jobs allow us to work remotely from our homes. Starting from Monday 16 March 2020, all EDIMART employees will operate from home office.

Our professional translators have always provided us with their services remotely, this means there’s no major change in our daily routine. We are ready to deliver our projects with the usual premium quality and by the agreed deadlines.

Our on-spot interpreting projects will be cancelled or postponed, however, please keep in mind that EDIMART has its own video remote interpreting platform, which is optimal for carrying out most interpreting assignments remotely.

It is our common objective to stop the spreading of the virus, therefore we’ve decided to follow best practices and introduce home office for now.

We sincerely hope that you all manage to create an acceptable system which allows you to continue your operation without any major hiccups.

Please stay safe and let’s hope that we can curb the epidemic.

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address: 1061 Budapest, Király utca 14. 3.emelet 1.
mobile: +36 20 975 9092


Carmen Krafcsik
Financial and Manager Assistant
tel.: +36 20 513 2627


Orsolya Klinga
Head of Sales
tel.: +36 70 423 2868

Klaudia Hatala
Client Success Manager
tel.: +36 70 385 6678

Gabriella Furik
Client Success Manager
tel.: +36 70 342 7279


Noémi Barnaki-Párducz
Vendor Manager
tel.: +36 70 311 5953


tel.: +36 20 975 9092

tel.: +36 20 975 9092