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Tech & Engineering
Professional translation of user manuals, technical specifications, product and project documentation, software platforms and interfaces, AutoCAD drawings, e-learning materials, tender documentation and catalogues, by a linguist team with extensive technical expertise and professional technological background.
Automotive & Railway
Professional translation of manuals, instruction manuals, technical specifications, training materials, software platforms and interfaces, HR documentation, e-learning materials, tender documentation and catalogues, by a linguist team with outstanding technical expertise and professional technological background.
Finance & Law
Professional translation of contracts, litigation documents, corporate documentation, GDPR, financial reports, online payment solutions, insurance policies, with multi-stage quality control, by a linguist team with legal and financial expertise.
Official endorsed translations.
Life Sciences
Professional translation of certificates of pharmaceutical product, package leaflets, medical equipment specifications, healthcare product catalogues and CRO documentation by a linguist team with medical and healthcare qualifications, with multi-stage quality control and outstanding project management.
IT & Telecommunication
Swift and flexible localization of software, apps, websites, responsive contents, internal communications, e-learning materials, marketing materials and sales promotion materials, with outstanding CAT support and with the involvement of specialised translators and copywriters.
PR & Marketing
Translation of creative texts, online and offline marketing materials, advertising campaigns, company brochures, websites, adapted to target language culture, with the involvement of copywriters and native-speaker linguists.
Subtitling and voice-over of image films and e-learning materials.
Transport & Logistics
Professional translation of contracts, legislative background, international shipping documentation and e-learning materials with short deadlines, into all languages of the European Union.
Revised translation of online and offline curricula, e-learning materials and webinars with subtitling or voice-over, with the involvement of native-speaker linguists and a professional studio background.
Food Industry & FMCG
Professional translation of ingredients, production process-related documentation, audit reports, food industry machinery specifications, product documentation, brochures and marketing materials by linguists with FMCG expertise, with professional CAT background.


address: 1061 Budapest, Király utca 14. 3.emelet 1.
mobile: +36 20 975 9092


Carmen Krafcsik
Financial and Manager Assistant
tel.: +36 20 513 2627


Orsolya Klinga
Head of Sales
tel.: +36 70 423 2868

Klaudia Hatala
Client Success Manager
tel.: +36 70 385 6678

Gabriella Furik
Client Success Manager
tel.: +36 70 342 7279


Noémi Barnaki-Párducz
Vendor Manager
tel.: +36 70 311 5953


tel.: +36 20 975 9092

tel.: +36 20 975 9092