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Is it just us, or did the summer breeze carry away the days faster than usual? It's hard to believe we're in September when our minds keep drifting back to the enriching experience at memoQfest in June. As autumn leaves begin to fall, we find ourselves reliving the highlights.

A Spot for Everyone

One of the standout qualities of memoQfest is its accessibility and broad appeal—there's genuinely something on offer for everyone. This is where even our junior staff can sit side by side with seasoned experts, diving into topics that pique their interest. It was an environment that encouraged both learning and the cross-pollination of ideas.

This year's edition was particularly impressive in terms of the scope and diversity of its workshops and talks. Sessions spanned a broad spectrum, from exploring the innovative features recently added to memoQ to previewing exciting developments that are still in the pipeline. This wasn't just a catch-up on current trends; it felt like a glimpse into the future of the industry.

The 2023 memoQfest offered a diverse array of topics that engaged a wide spectrum of industry professionals. The hot topic was unquestionably large language models, which spurred discussions around their capabilities, limitations, and ethical implications. Alongside this, a variety of practical and technological subjects—such as digital well-being, regular expressions (regex), custom machine translation, and server performance—were also on the agenda. Real-world case studies gave the theoretical discussions practical grounding, offering insights into the tools and methods being employed in the field today.

And just when you thought you'd seen it all, memoQfest threw us a historical curveball with a keynote on the Rosetta Stone and hieroglyphics. Who knew we'd go from decoding algorithms one minute to decoding ancient texts the next? It's not every day you can say your tech conference also prepared you for a career in archaeology!

Cultivating Friendships and Business Partnerships

But memoQfest is not just a learning experience; it's a social one too. It's where casual meet-ups can turn into productive partnerships or even lifelong friendships.


The event ingeniously blends a sense of community with professional aspirations. During the numerous networking sessions, coffee breaks, and even the much-anticipated gala dinner, opportunities to forge new relationships were abundant. You could find yourself in a deep conversation about translation technologies one moment and laughing over a shared industry joke the next.


These interactions often extend beyond the confines of the event itself. For instance, a casual discussion about industry challenges could quickly transition into a dialogue about potential collaboration. The value of these connections can't be overstated, as they provide not just immediate networking opportunities but lay the groundwork for future partnerships.

At the end of the day, we returned from memoQfest carrying something invaluable. Whether it was a new professional connection that could lead to an exciting collaborative project or a spark of an idea that promises to revolutionize our internal processes, everyone had something—or someone—special to bring back to the Edimart.

Raising the Bar: The Gala Dinner at Vigadó

Just when we thought the memoQfest gala dinners couldn’t get any better, the 2023 event proved us wrong. Held at the elegant Vi­gadó, the evening featured delicious food, live music, and a bustling dance floor that encouraged everyone to let loose after a day of learning and networking.


A standout moment every year is the dance performance put on by the team from memoQ. For those unfamiliar with this tradition, it’s a real treat. The memoQ team takes to the dance floor to put on a show that ranges from whimsical to impressive, always managing to captivate the audience.


This performance does more than entertain; it adds a human touch to the formal proceedings and showcases the vibrant community spirit that memoQfest cultivates. These light-hearted moments make the event feel less like a corporate gathering and more like a community celebration, where industry ties mix seamlessly with genuine camaraderie.

So, while we may come to memoQfest for the expertise and the chance to expand our professional knowledge, we stay for the sense of community—and the dance that make us smile year after year.

Unveiling Expertise: Márton Jánosy on Managing Unruly Files

Edimart's Business Solutions Architect, Márton Jánosy, had a slot at this year's memoQfest to talk about a challenge many of us in the language services industry face: managing unruly files. The session attracted a diverse crowd, a sign that this issue resonates widely within our industry.

Márton approached the issue with practicality, offering tips and tricks for better file handling. His focus was on actionable advice, aiming to give attendees concrete steps they could apply in their daily work. Topics included useful features within memoQ for tackling messy or badly structured files, as well as general best practices in language engineering.

The audience was actively engaged, sharing their own experiences, asking questions, and participating in discussions. This made for a dynamic session that went beyond a typical lecture, transforming into a community learning experience.


In sum, the workshop was a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to problems that many of us encounter. It provided attendees, including our own Edimart team, with actionable insights we can apply to our daily work.


It's this kind of pragmatic knowledge sharing that makes memoQfest a must-attend event for us every year.

The Countdown to memoQfest 2024 Begins

Even as we treasure the memories and apply the learnings from this year’s event, our sights are already set on memoQfest 2024. We look forward to another year of growth, learning, and perhaps most importantly, community building within the language services industry.


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