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We at EDIMART have never made it a secret that we appreciate agility, development, and following and adapting to, the changes in our sector. Take, for example, remote interpreting services, which have been part of our thinking for years: because we have our finger on the pulse of international trends and best practices, we have purchased a platform that enables us to provide consecutive interpreting services, and we have actively promoted this service to our customers. We have even created an interpreting hub in cooperation with our interpreting technology provider, Brill, so our remote interpreters can do their job in a professional setup: enter the EDIMART Studio.

The unfortunate developments in the spring have made it crystal clear that we have no choice but to embrace remote interpreting, and accept that not only is it here to stay, but will gain momentum. As with every new service, we will have to get the hang of it, utilise the benefits it offers and avoid the drawbacks. We know that remote interpreting is much more mentally taxing on interpreters, that the platforms still leave a lot to be desired and that technical glitches still do occur, but instead of these, let’s focus on the fact that if we think about and establish the standards together and support each other, we can make it much easier for ourselves.

This train of thought has led us to the idea of offering you, our freelance interpreter partners, a comprehensive simultaneous remote interpreting (SRI) webinar series – a kind of remote interpreting 101. The idea is that instead of trying to tell you “how it is” and tell you straight up what works and what won’t, we are instead aiming at establishing a discussion between market players. We are seeking to learn more about your experiences, opinions and questions.

Teaming up with LEX EXPERT owner Dr Katalin Hajós, excellent freelance interpreter Gabriella Nagy and our colleagues, we worked for many weeks to create the best possible content for the webinar to offer you. We are indebted to everyone involved for the vast amount of work they put into making the webinar happen.

The webinar took place on 23 July and proved very popular, with over 120 registrations, which means the world to us!

We are proud to let you know that we have now finished editing the webinar video material, which we are publishing so those who couldn’t participate won’t have to miss out completely. Here is the edited video:

And another piece of good news to finish: the feedback we received has convinced us that there is demand for a second webinar. The date is yet to be announced, but expect it to be some time in late September. As usual, look out for our communications by email and on our Facebook page.

Until then, enjoy what is left of the summer and recharge your batteries, so we can get back to work with the usual zeal and enthusiasm in the autumn.


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