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Career-starters, spare us? Not us…


At the Edimart team, we like young, enthusiastic career-starters. We see ourselves in them, and we happen to know that there is a need for a continuous supply of talent.

Still, starting a career in the language industry as a freelancer is difficult, really difficult. This is why we see it as a priority task, as far as our time and capabilities allow, to provide next-gens with training opportunities.

At the beginning of 2017, we launched our Junior Translator Programme, which is so much more than a simple internship. How is it different? We’ll tell you right now…

Under the professional supervision of our vendor manager, Evelin Nagy, we showed 6 graduates what it’s like to work for a translation agency. We looked at what we mean by the cooperation between freelancers and the agency and why good communication is important, and also provided memoQ training as well as numerous mentored translation tasks for the braver participants.

We ensured that they have a one-on-one consultation session with our reviewers every month, which proved to be one of the most popular programmes. We asked our project managers to be the professional leads at the various events, and our CEO talked about entrepreneurship.

We believe that both parties – the agency and the freelancer – need to work hard to have a mutually beneficial professional relationship.

That’s why we do not regret putting all that time and energy in the first Junior Translator Programme, as two of the six participants have been working with us regularly, and at an increasingly high standard, since, while we provided the others with valuable experience.

As conclusion of the programme, we asked participants to give feedback, which we use to perfect our training plan to make the next Junior Translator Programme even better. Plus, in addition to the translator programme, we are also launching the Junior Interpreter Programme, with details on this coming soon on our Facebook page.



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