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So much more than just translating. Its objective is to bridge language and cultural gaps.

The majority of people prefer to shop and gather information in their mother tongue. Properly localised content will yield a bigger crop of active users, more positive feedback and a larger pool of online customers. Let us help you communicate with your partners!

Our speciality is multilingual localization, from Hungarian or English to 40+ languages


Software localization is typically teamwork: led by our project managers, several translators, revisers, and occasionally terminologists, IT specialists, language engineers and graphic designers work on the material simultaneously.

We pay special attention to retain the programme codes, layouts, formats and text length. We have extensive experience in managing CMS systems, files generated in DTP programmes in addition to html, Word and Excel documents. We are more and more frequently asked to localize dynamic content as opposed to static ones – we are ready for that, too.

Beyond website and software localization we also have deep experience in localizing telecommunications interfaces, e-learning content, user’s guides, multimedia contents as well as online games.

How is localization done?

Localization is a personalised, tailor-made process adapted to individual priorities. All localization projects are carried out with the use of translation or localization software allowing us to actively store and reuse the localized content, saving both time and money.

Main steps:

  • analysis of content to be localized, mapping out objectives
  • preparation, DTP
  • content extraction
  • term base management
  • translation, revision
  • language quality assurance and testing


Have you just started developing content?

We recommend you take advantage of our “i18n” internationalisation service which will help you identify your ideal format, avoid potential language traps and optimise localization costs. It allows you to create content which meet relevant international criteria, so they won’t have to be dealt with during the localization phase.

Related services

We also offer a wide range of services in connection with the localizationation projects, to allow your company to take the international presence of your company to the next level:

Translation / Revision / Language consultancy / Term base building / Language testing / “i18n” internationalisation / Transcription / Transcreation / Voice over


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