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EDIMART provides professional language services for Hungarian and international
medium-size and large companies with a strong focus on its customers’ needs.

We offer interpreting, translation and localization meeting the highest standards, working in over 40 languages with an excellent team of professionals.
Our global language services help you enter international markets with products and services that fully conform to local expectations in terms of language, economy and culture.
We thrive through continuous improvement, giving you a competitive edge by making the most of the industry’s latest international trends.

We work hard for your success!

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Main services

We translate texts in 100+ language pairs, using state-of-the-art language technology tools, working with highly qualified translators and in a professional office environment.
We specialize in managing multilingual projects, translating from Hungarian and English into 40+ languages, simultaneously if needed.


Professional language mediation at conferences, negotiations and business meetings.  Traditional and out-of-the-box solutions from one of Hungary's most renowned interpreting companies, in 50+ language pairs. We can provide simultaneous interpreters for conferences in any language pair, with full technical support. 


Other services

So much more than just translating. The objective is to bridge language and cultural gaps. It is a well documented fact that the majority of people prefer to shop and gather information in their mother tongue. Professional localization = more active users, better feedback, more downloads, more online buyers and very likely higher revenues. Let us help you communicate with your partners!


Language consultancy
Looking to enter a foreign market? EDIMART will help make your entry to new markets as smooth as possible. Thorough language preparation is one of the keys to success. You can save time and money by consulting our experts before developing content, or at least prior to starting the translation project. Consultancy is fully personalised, and we will recommend the best possible solution for you.


Translation management with XTRF

Since 2014, EDIMART has been using the XTRF translation management system developed for translation companies.


  • project management is made faster and more efficient
  • resource and project management through a single interface
  • uninterrupted information flow
  • perfect information flow
  • Customer Portal module

What benefits can XTRF provide to our clients?

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Edit and Márta. Two sisters. One economist and one interpreter. Both of them language freaks. Learning languages is their hobby; this is how they relax and unwind! In 2004, this shared passion set them off, or rather drove them together. Márta is just about to experience change: after 10 years of interpreting she wants to switch to management. Edit has just found out the banking sector was not her cup of tea.

EDIMART starts its operations as a home office, and the two sisters organize translation projects. They want to be perfect in every field, yet they believe that luck also was on their side. Because starting your own business is never easy. You face a lot of risks, you run into unexpected difficulties, and then come the failures... but you have to get up. And often you have to work day and night.

Yet, they love what they are doing. From the very first moment. Soon they are called “baby tigers”, and it takes less than two years to have a real office with two project managers. And this is when the feature film begins.

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Our world-class team

senior project manager

Becoming a project manager at EDIMART can be traced back to my love of books and my aptitude for learning languages. These were the two things that always determined my school choices, so there was no question my future workplace must also have a close connection with these. Therefore, the translation industry was a self-evident direction. The project manager is in a unique position where she can have insight not only into the mysteries of language service providers, but also into other branches of industry that shape the needs of our customers. From the cooperation with translators, we can learn a lot both as a person and as a professional, while our customers always have new challenges in store for us, inspiring us to be creative and to examine a problem from uncommon perspectives.

In classical terms I am an incorrigibly sentimental, pantheistic, romantic soul. For this reason, in my free-time you can most probably find me behind a book, but I also enjoy walking in the woods.
What I am most proud of is that I have been awarded the "Fairy Godmother" title and, as several mugs and postcards attest, I am a first-class friend.

Our team



“In a fast-changing world, speed, accuracy, flexibility and meeting deadlines are crucial for our company. The EDIMART team is able to provide all we need. It’s a company with exceptionally helpful staff members.”

Tamás Gyarmati and Emese Nagy,
Rail Cargo Hungaria

“The reason I like working with EDIMART is that they never miss a deadline, even if it is a last-minute job. In fact, they often send the completed translations before the agreed deadline.”

Gábor Erős,
Vodafone Hungary

“We found EDIMART on a recommendation; we were looking for a professional agency with experience in automotive-related translation, and that could deal with xliff files easily. Our expectations were considerably exceeded; their contact persons are competent and kind, they are quick and accurate, and always available. Their translators are fast and their translations are excellent, they quickly recognized what our needs were, and were able to adapt to our special language requirements.”

Éva Andrási, Porsche Hungaria

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